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COVID 19 Response

Policy Considerations on Covid-19 Measures: Policy Brief II

blog-contentSince the outbreak of COVID-19, ZimRights has been engaging with the crisis through its three-pillar COVID 19 response strategy which incorporates human rights monitoring, humanitarian response and policy advocacy. This is the 10th report to be produced by ZimRights under the COVID 19 response strategy. The report builds upon the series, ‘Their Voices Matter’ reports that captured community responses to COVID 19 while building to a more detailed appraisal of the human rights situation set for release in June 2020.

These three pillars speak to each other. As a grassroots organization with over 250 000 members across the country, ZimRights believes that its monitoring work will be in vain if it does not appeal to the policy framework.

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A Human Rights Approach to Fighting COVID-19 in Zimbabwe

blog-contentThe Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) welcomes with great appreciation the Policy brief released by the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres and urges the government of Zimbabwe to observed the key human rights principles outlined in the fight against COVID-19.

On 23 April 2020, the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres released a Policy Brief titled, ‘COVID-19 and Human Rights: We are all in this together.’ In this policy brief, the Secretary General confronts a very important question: Why are human rights so important to the COVID-19 response?

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