Campaigners for Human Rights

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ZimRights House, Alverston Court,
90 S. V. Muzenda Street, Harare, Zimbabwe

Campaigners for Human Rights

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Current Campaigns

Campaigners for Human Rights

ZimRights High School Human Rights Clubs

ZimRights High School clubs is a youth outreach campaign aimed and mobilizing young people in high schools to participate in the human rights discourse as a way of reducing human rights violations in high school campuses and encouraging peer to peer human rights consciousness at a young age.

Citizen Participation and Engagement in Sustainable Pragmatic Peace-building (COPESP)

COPESP aims to capacitate and strengthen Zimbabwean communities and Infrastructures of Peace on their abilities to engage duty bearers on human rights, peace initiatives and governance issues. The project seeks to address community conflict that can be best described as intragroup, intraparty, interparty and interpersonal conflicts that have threatened Zimbabwe through economic and political discrepancies.

Towards Improving CSO Operating Environment in Zimbabwe

This campaign is designed to facilitate improvements in the operating environment of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) building on the strategic and comparative advantage of each CSO’s thematic area in national development; strengthen their watchdog role through promotion of their access to and dissemination of information on policies, laws and other decision-making processes that influence development nationwide.