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Campaigners for Human Rights

Congratulatory Statement on the Appointment of Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Commissioners

31 August 2020
The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights), congratulates Dr Angeline Guvamombe, Mrs. Dorothy Moyo, Mrs Beauty Kajese, Dr Cowen Dziva and Mr. Brian Penduka on their recent appointment to serve as commissioners in the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC).

ZimRights appreciates the diversity of your skills and your interest in wanting to promote human rights in the country. ZimRights believes your appointment advances the fulfillment of the commission’s objectives which among others is to promote awareness and respect of human rights in the country.

Your appointment comes at a crucial time for Zimbabwe, as we continue to witness increased violations of human rights especially the right to demonstrate and freedom of expression. The continued crackdown on those that are speaking against corruption and raising concerns over the deteriorating economic conditions needs urgent attention. ZimRights believes there is great need to mainstream Human Rights protection and redress violations. We are confident that through your leadership, commitment and capabilities, human rights will be protected as we deal with the many challenges that the nation is facing. We urge you as is your mandate to ensure citizens are aware of their rights and to also provide redress for violations of human rights as part of ZHRC's role to protect human rights.

ZimRights will continue to support the ZHRC as always as they endeavour to fulfil their mandate.

Congratulations, Amphlope, Makorokoto.